Meanwhile in the garden

Human civilisation has used the natural cycles of earth to give rhythm to their life. Civilisations develop, complexify and refine the notion of time. It is a scale fitting our biology as a landmark to understand other living organisms. 

Plants and humans evolve and move through time at different scales. Thus it is difficult for us to observe clearly in our daily life a plant growing and its subtle movements. We don’t perceive it, or more precisely we don’t have the same sense of time to observe it. 

We want to invite people to look and notice the slow movements of their plants growing through their daily life, throughout time by using these graphic objects.

This project was developed in collaboration with Kenzi Benabdallah and Quentin Vuong as a result of a workshop organised with Dossofiorito.


Fabrica / Dossofiorito, 2017
Photo: Kenzi Benabdallah